A Few Of My Collaborators

Ron Anderson Guitarist/bassist and composer. Check out his fantastic band PAK.
Gene V. Baker Multi-instrumentalist, big-band leader, and shamen.
Myles Boisen Guitarist, engineer, photographer, and super genious.
Eli Crews Bassist, recording engineer, and gracious host.
David Cooper Composer, visual artist, and vibraphonist.
Dren McDonald Composer, sound designer, and old bandmate.
Suki O'Kane Percussionist, composer, public artist, and rapscallion.
Gino Robair Un-drummer, sound explorer, composer, and writer.
John Shiurba Guitarist/bassist, composer, and frequent bandmate.
Michael Zelner Bay Area's most avid documentarian and occasional clarinetist.

A Few Of The Bands

Dirty Patina (2007-2009)
Spezza Rotto (2000-2007)
The Moelcules (1990-1997, 2006-2007)
PornOrchestra (2003-Present)
Moe!Kestra! (1997-Present)
Vacuum Tree Head (1992-2002)
rev.99 (When called upon)

Some Local Music Resources

Amoeba Records The grandest palace-o-music on the planet.
Aquarius Records The Mission District's institution for experimental music.
Bay Area Improvisors Network A database of musicians, labels, reviews, venue calendars, and more.
Brutal Sound Effects THE rescouce for the thriving and writhing local noise music scene.
Edgetone Records Rent Romus's label of exerimental and improvised music.
Evander Music Phillip Greenlief's label of improvised and exerimental music.
KALX KALX 90.7FM. A wide variety of interesting music.
KFJC KFJC 89.7FM. An even wider variety of interesting music.
Limited Sedition John Shiurba's unique Bay Area based all-improv CD-R only label.
New Improved Recording Eli Crews and John Finkbeiner's fantastic recording studio in Oakland.
Pax Recordings Ernesto Diaz-Infante's label of marginal and unusual music.
Rastascan Records Gino Robair's improv-based label. Splatter Trio and much, much, more.
Transbay Creative Music Calendar A great calendar for local experimental and improvised music performances.

Some Non-Local Non-Music Resources

AlterNet After the NYTimes, take a coffee break here.
CA Outdoors Escape!
Howling Fantods Have you read "The Pale King"?
Hubble Site A beautiful reminder of one's infantesimal, finite existence.
Life In Italy Amalfi is not that far away.
Politifact Nonpartisan tugboat to escort you through the sludge of lies.
St Sanders Creative audio antics. Responsible for a youtube genre.
Ted New knowledge and inspiration.
Tomato Fest Heirlooms are the best!